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Marisa Di Lisio, the owner of Bella Cosi, first started her business over 15 years ago. Working in the city as a Corporate Events Manager, she would often bring in her homemade biscotti to the office for morning teas. Word soon spread that she made tasty biscotti, and people started to place orders for boxes of her delicacies.


When asked what the meaning of Bella Cosi is, Marisa would simply reply, “Beautiful Things”........


Marisa applied for a permit via the local council for a commercial kitchen at her home. This would generate extra income while she worked at her office job during the day. When her young boys slept at night, Marisa would often stay up late (until the early hours of the morning) baking biscotti for cafés, to be delivered the next day before going to work in the office.


As time passed, the news that Marisa was baking for many cafés in Melbourne soon spread. Being passionate about food and coffee, she decided to create her own coffee label called “Bella Cosi”, which a local coffee roaster in Port Melbourne made for her.


Bella Cosi - Cafe Culture, A Taste Of Life

Marisa was contacted by The Council Of Adult Education and offered a part-time opportunity to teach people how to cook homemade biscotti, amongst other delicacies, which she has been doing now for over 13 years. Just recently, Marisa has been asked to be the Food Editor for CREMA magazine. Her third cookbook, titled “Café Culture - A Taste Of Life”, is due to be published at the end of 2011. Her son Anthony, who is passionate about movies and hopes one day to be a movie director, will be producing Marisa’s cooking class DVD’s. These will be sold on the premises and also via this website.


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It’s obvious that Marisa’s passion is Food and People, and what better way to combine both than to open up her own cafeteria in Port Melbourne, to unite all of her talents and passions under the one roof. Formally known as The Freemasons’ Tavern and The Sandridge Hotel, our historic building was one of the original hotels built along the Port Melbourne foreshore over 150 years ago. Now home to Bella Cosi, it overlooks the Port Phillip Bay and nearby Station Pier (current dock for the “Spirit Of Tasmania” cruise ship), with indoor and outdoor seating to highlight our scenic views of the foreshore. Marisa is thrilled to be located in such a beautiful area of Melbourne - and together with her three handsome and very talented sons, Vince, Christian and Anthony - all have their own skills to enhance Bella Cosi.


Vince is an experienced Barista, and has been managing a successful restaurant in the CBD for over 2 years. He has also worked in the liquor industry and brings along with him a vast knowledge of wines.


Christian is a qualified Pastry Chef and Baker, and has worked at both the Eiffel Tower and Brunnetti’s cake shops. His passion for pastries and baking has also assisted his mother’s dream of opening up Bella Cosi. With their skills combined, a variety of mouth watering items will be on their menu for all to enjoy, and to tantalise your tastebuds!!!


Anthony’s talents and passion is making movies, and aspires to become a film director. He will be filming his mother’s cooking classes and converting them to DVD, which will be available for sale at both Bella Cosi, and also on their website. Anthony will also be assisting Christian in the kitchen.





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